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My Daughter-In-Law Is A Momzilla

The day you found out you were going to be a grandmother was an amazing one, right?

What a surreal experience to witness your daughter-in-law blooming in pregnancy. You are by her side to support her through everything. Between you and your son she has the best support network imaginable. You remember the raging hormones that you experienced when you were pregnant and therefore expect some wobbly moments along the way. However it soon becomes obvious that dealing with your pregnant daughter-in-law is a very complex affair – and it’s about to get a whole lot trickier.

Picture 039Here are some tips for dealing with your Momzilla daughter-in-law.

1. Remember when you were pregnant yourself? You could cry if someone put too much milk in your tea. It’s easy to forget but pregnancy really does affect every element of our emotional and physical state. If she appears to be unreasonable about something perhaps give her the benefit of the doubt during this time.

2. Your son may appear to be an angel but there are two sides to every story. Take everything with a pinch of salt and try to be devil’s advocate. Not always easy when blood is thicker than water.

3. Let her find her way. It’s probably incredibly frustrating to hear someone talk about baby gadgets that you don’t believe in but at the end of the day it’s a personal choice for the mother. Offer your opinion when asked but it is important to let her figure things our for herself.

4. Detest the name that your daughter-in-law is proposing to name your grandchild? It might be a good idea to keep that to yourself… nothing good will come of voicing that opinion.

5. When the baby comes you can never say the words “well done” enough. Knowing that you think she is doing a good job will bring you both closer and she will be a lot more likely to come to you for advice.

6. Avoid talking about how your children slept through the night from a couple of months old. Every baby is different. According to the NHS “Some babies sleep much more than others. Some sleep for long periods, others in short bursts. Some soon sleep through the night, while some don’t for a long time. “. It is likely to make her feel ten times worse.

7. Offer to help in other ways than holding the baby. This can be a tough one because naturally all you want to do is hold your grandchild. Arriving at their house with some dinner or offering to do a load of laundry will make your daughter-in-law want to cry with happiness. Those are the things that she will never forget.

8. Be mindful of Post Natal Depression. If you start to notice the signs it might be an idea to mention it to your son. Having another mother-figure looking out for her is nothing but a blessing.

And if all else fails just remember the phrase “this too shall pass”. Pretty soon she will be texting you at all hours of the night with questions and cherishing every babysitting offer that comes her way.