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5 Things That Parents Will Do Differently On Their Second Child

5 Things That Parents Will Do Differently On Their Second Child

Having your first baby is a bit like walking in to a beautiful room in the dark. Bit by bit you find your way and discover all of the beautiful elements but there are times when it feels like you can’t see clearly at all. Becoming a parent is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You make plans, learn on the job and then quite often find yourself reassessing your plans.

A lot of parents tend to do things very differently with their second and subsequent children. Perhaps time, finances and resources are less plentiful than before. Or perhaps they have simply acquired more life experience and feel more confident as parents.

Here are some of the most popular differences between a first and second baby.

1. It starts at pregnancy. During your first pregnancy you took arty photos of your bump every week. They were usually black and white and bare feet was a necessity. You had the sultry look down to a tee. On the second pregnancy you you vow to check your baby app every single week until you one day realize that you’ve graduated from a raisin to a Melon far too quickly. You forget your pregnant and life with other children gets in the way.

2. Your first born was dressed from head to toe in perfectly assembled outfits. You even had matching socks. Your second born is wearing hand-me-downs that are swimming on them and you quickly realized that socks were ridiculously impractical and it’s baby grows galore this time round!

3. Obsessive sterilising of every single thing that comes in to contact with your first born is replaced by the five second rule for your second. Sure isn’t it great for their immune system? Grand…

4. You spent hours upon hours carefully constructing the little pots of food for your first born. Exciting combinations of flavours and textures to season their growing palates. Your second born is living off the jars that you vowed you would never rely on and that actually are not so bad after all. You didn’t have time to shower yesterday never mind peel a sweet potato.

5. Sleep is not expected. At all. You’re protecting yourself from the disappointment you felt on your first and expect sleep deprivation instead. What’s another child to entertain at 3am?