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Why does Martinhal mean families? For several years now, the owners and founders of Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts have been focusing on what families need and want on their luxury holidays together as families. In trying to address every minute of the luxury family experience during the holiday, it is clear that it is all about the “stories” behind each stage that the family goes through… having a baby changes things and we have been here to organise a lovely break for the whole family – including Baby’s First Holiday! We understand growing pains and that each age group needs something different while on holiday. The enjoyment and relaxation of each member of the family while on holiday is paramount to our satisfaction. We help multi-generational families have a great time together, as we understand how difficult it is for members of an extended family to get together these days.

We have come up with the Martinhal Family Blog for potential as well as existing guests to read about everyday challenges that each member of the family might face and how our resident mummy bloggers cope with them. Life is just a collection of stories in the end and how it is written is up to us! Enjoy this blog, and if you are interested in contributing to the blog, please do contact us!

Chitra Stern Owner/ Founder of Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts (and Mother of 4)