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Does Technology Make Parenting Easier?….

Technology gets a lot of bad press in the parenting world. Every other day someone is commenting on how much screen time is too much screen time. We are also being criticised for being stuck to our phones when we should be engaging more with our children. Then there is the convenience food debate. If your dinner is made in the microwave you are a bad parent.

But, is technology really all that bad? We are living in a time where companies have daily battles to create a better product than their competitors. The market is striving to make life easier for us by inventing incredible products that do things faster. It’s quite impressive really.

What if we were to take a second and appreciate that actually, technology kind of makes parenting easier…. (sorry mom).

1. It all started during pregnancy. The latest pregnancy test technology meant that you could pee on a stick and see a digital answer within seconds. A digital answer that also told you how pregnant you were. Amazing. You then went on to download pregnancy apps which helped you keep track of symptoms and changes. That app ended up begin a life-saver when your husband utilised the contractions timer when it was show time.

2. Dishwashers save a serious amount of time. It takes me five minutes to unpack and pack it as opposed to the 25 minutes it takes me to wash the dishes after dinner. Anything that saves me twenty minutes is a very good thing. In that time I was able to put on a wash, prep dinner and send my friend 100 variations of the same photo of my daughter.

3. Coffee is fancier. Parents dig coffee. Fact. Sleep deprived parents all over the world would be lying if they said that having a fancy coffee machine didn’t provide them with just a touch of joy and smugness. It makes that glorious morning coffee all the better and ultimately makes you feel more equipped for another day as Mommy or Daddy.

4. There are nappy bins that totally neutralise the smell of dirty nappies. Like, how could that ever be a bad thing?

5. You won’t win any parenting awards but having the ability to put your child’s favourite show on your phone at ANY time is amazing. It has been the saviour of many tantrums.

6. OK, so you’ve spent a small fortune on toys that sing lullabies and shine light projections on your child’s bedroom ceiling. BUT, the one that worked really worked and you want to kiss the face of the person who created it.

7. Slow cookers are a tiny. They have literally changed the way you approach dinner time. Ten minutes of prep in the morning results in beautiful slow cooked melt in the mouth dinners.
Your cooking less, cleaning less and hearing more cooking compliments than ever before.

8. Being able to see your baby on the video monitor makes you worry less. It also means you are not walking up and down the stairs every few minutes checking on them because you just don’t trust the one with just sound. Yes people survived for years without them, yes they are pricy but they allow you to enjoy some TV and a cup of tea in the evenings worry-free and for that you are super grateful.

9. Your child will not tolerate a thermometer in their ear. The new one you picked up just has to be in the vicinity of your child’s forehead and it reads their temperature within seconds. It has made life so much easier.

10. The electric wine bottle opener… it opens the wine bottle in half the time. Enough said.