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Granddad, You Are Wonderful!

I speak from experience. My own son is completely obsessed with his Granddads. He wails in devastation when we leave his house or they are separated. It is adorable and sad in equal measure. When I was pregnant I never truly grasped how special that relationship would be. It is something we have all grown to cherish every single day.

Have you ever looked at your father and wondered why he interacts with your child in a completely different way to how he was when you were a child? He probably seems more care-free, easy going and… FUN. That is the reality for a lot of families. It seems to be the case that grandparents view their grandchildren as an opportunity to enjoy all the best parts of children again. They have done the discipline thing (and you turned out OK, right?) and now their focus is on fun. They want to create as many happy memories as possible with their grandchildren.

Granddads and grandparents in general have so much to offer our children. It is a lot more than free babysitting and too many treats. It is a relationship that will profoundly affect our children. I have often heard friends watch on in jealousy as they observe the way their children interact with their grandparents. There really is nothing to be jealous about but it is understandable in one sense. As parents we are trying to juggle it all. Work, house-work, cooking, bed-time, bath time and everything in between. It will probably never feel as though we have enough time for fun. When our children spend time with their grandparents they are immersed in to a silly, fun and entertaining experience every single time.

_BB19750Grandparents can grow to become so much more for our children if we allow their relationship to flourish. Our children can pick up hobbies, funny stories and wisdom that has been nourished for many many years. Something as simple as allowing our children to show their homework to Granddad can have a profound affect. Granddad feels needed and our children enjoy the sense of pride at the “show and tell” element involved. The same can be said for days out, adventures and any occasion which promotes their relationship. There are so many positives to be gained for both parties. The joy that these experiences bring to the lives of Granny And Granddad is simply beyond words. It can give them a sense of purpose, a hunger for life and a reason to feel wanted and needed.

Did you know there are programmes where a family can seek to be linked-up with a “grandparent”? Both parties may not have access to a grandchild or grandparent and these services connect them. There are a lot of families who may not be lucky enough to be able to introduce their child to a grandparent. The fact that these services exist truly highlights the value of this relationship for both the child and indeed the grandparent. It is a beautiful thing.